How do I send my files?

Files can be sent via Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive or sent on a USB.
Please see next FAQ for folder naming format.

How should I name folders before sending?

To avoid the confusion arising from all photographers naming their folders EV Photo and sending multiple folders with the same name on following days please name the folder in the following format of studio name and date STUDIONAME_YYYYMMDD_productandsize

(EG XYZSTUDIO_20190128_5x7 lustre is an order from January 28th for 5x7 lustre prints from the studio mentioned)

Where there are multiple orders and sizes from the studio at the same time. The initial folder should start with the studio name and date and contain internal folders with each size or products. Eg the internal folders could be 6x4 artlike, 6x4 2copies artlike, 16x24 Canvas stretched, 24x24 rag.

What Colour Space do you accept?

Adobe 98 or srgb are both accepted formats.
Profoto is not recommended.