Meet Tristam

Tristam Evison is the driving force of all projects created and sent out from EV Photo.
He is well established as a photographer and is a certified Canson Master Printer.

Tristam with His 2018 QEPPA Highest scoring print

Tristam with His 2018 QEPPA Highest scoring print

You can find him all over the Tweed Coast, usually at sunrise and sunset creating images. Lover of good coffee, craft beers and a rum (or two). Completely out numbered at home with 2 daughters and wife but balanced out a little with our fur baby Ash. Probably should mention the lawn - he is a bit into his lawn. Life revolves around family and the love of our industry.

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School and University

His love of photography was born very early and as a teenager Tristam built a darkroom in his family home, pursued Year 10 work experience at the Tweed Heads Daily News as a photographer, and studied 2 and 3 Unit Art with Photography as the focus for his year 12 HSC. His application and folio gained him acceptance into Griffith University - Queensland College of Art in a time when admissions were capped and highly sought after. He was Australian Photojournalist Associations’ Student Photographer of the Year on graduating and his work travelled internationally as part of an exhibition. During university he was also a darkroom tech for a newspaper and starting his profession as a photographer.

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Fine Art Printer

Tristam ran Enigma Photography from 1997 (later changing name to Enigma Visions Photography) a professional studio with a strong focus on wedding photography but also capturing commercial and portrait. During this time he always stayed true to his passion for landscape photography and sold his work at markets and from exhibitions. From 2006 to 2011 he also sold work from a retail space in Kingscliff while co-owning a lab in Tweed Heads South. From 2011 both stores were combined into a warehouse space with an inhouse studio. Tristam began printing large format in 2005 and has been printing fine art for over 10 years.

Tristam (Right) as part of the 3 Photography exhibition with Trevor Worden and Justin ealand

Tristam (Right) as part of the 3 Photography exhibition with Trevor Worden and Justin ealand

EV Photo moved to the Tweed Coast in 2018 to focus more on professional photographers and artists to streamline the production, particularly as Tristam is involved in all aspects of printing, framing and product development. He can mix closely his client work, artistic photography and workshop classes in this amazing part of the world that he grew up in.