Easy Printing of Your Phone Photos | EV Photo just launched on ‘Local Prints Now’ App

Need to get prints of photos off your phone? Or just want an easy way to print from all your devices and digital images?

We can help!

EV Photo is now listed on the “Local Prints Now“ App which means you can upload directly from your phone in the comfort of your own home, choose EV Photo as your printer, checkout and your prints will be underway before you know it.

This app will allow you to access files from Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox so you can get all those images done that you have always wanted to create a keepsake print of.

The 4x4 size is the best for Instagram images that you have cropped to the full screen square shape.

Jump on to this free app and have a poke around – its so easy !!

Search the app store for Local Prints Now and look for the icon below.

Or on a computer - Upload your Photos here -

Local Prints Now.png

Big Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year! From our family to yours we wish you all the happiness and prosperity you desire in 2019. We saw the first dawn of the year in from our local beach at Kingscliff and soaked up the breathtaking beauty of where we live with so much gratitude.

The new year was maybe even a little more needed for our family this year to find new energy and renewal after a hard 3 months leading up to Christmas. As so many families experience every day, cancer touched our lives in 2016 and its been a two and a half year juggle of business, family and caring. September saw us head into raw and challenging time of knowing the journey had taken a strong change in direction. We had to put many things on hold, like our new website and our social media feeds. We thank everyone who has been patient with us over this time and our loss in November was hard but we have used our time between Christmas and New Year to fill our cups again.

We look forward to working with you in 2019! Bring it on! Breathe it in!

Tristam, Selena, Zara and Tahlia

20190107-NY Blog.jpg